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Pro • Tek when you have a problem that someone else can't take care of, we get called. We've built our company from the ground up from referrals. We specialize in scorpion elimination. That's why you call Pro • Tek.

To know what pest free feels like, you need to know Pro • Tek. We have 27 years of residential and commerical experience right here in the heart of the Valley. There's no problem we can't fix.

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We specialize in scorpions and give you the most thorough treatment to not just remove, but eliminate them.

Termites are common here in the Valley. And every house can be different. Good thing Pro • Tek custom treats each and every house.

Mosquitoes are fairly new to the Phoenix area but are quickly becoming the #1 pest issue. Call us and find out what we can do to control your mosquitoe problem.

There's no bug Pro • Tek can't take care of. From ticks to fleas or roaches to bees. Just about anything that creeps and crawls, we're there.

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At Pro • Tek it is our goal to provide you with a pest elimination service that will keep you and your property pest free. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium quality service at a fair price and we focus on results through specialized customer care.

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Pro • Tek wants to leave each and every household or business feeling safe and secure. We know how vulnerable it can feel to have a pest problem. Or how bad business can get if you don't have it under control. We're here for you.

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Here's what our past customers have said...

We noticed a couple of termite trails hanging from our bedroom ceiling. Jeff came out, right on time, and toured our house inside and out. He carefully explained how termites 'operate' and how the chemical works to kill off the colony. I would highly recommend Pro Tek.

Gregg S. Yelp Review

I had to write this review because the service I received was so great. Jeff came to my home to do our usual pest inspection and treatment. When he arrived, I had been very stressed out about a bee problem I had been having in my roof. I had already had a company come out and treat it once, but the problem remained. I went out of my way to get a "bee specialist" and had no results. Jeff was kind enough to look at the problem, inspect my paperwork from the bee company and gave me wonderful advice. He explained and educated me about the treatments he uses and educated me about insects. I found him to be refreshingly honest and actually very helpful. People who go out of their way to provide good service is so rare, but Jeff is one of them. If you want someone knowledgeable and honest, call Pro Tek!

Sandy M Yelp Review.

I was selling my house and needed a pest inspection done. The people that were buying the house had some start up company come and mysteriously find Termites. Not in the house but, in the yard.He took photos of pieces of wood in the yard with old termite damage. Plus wanted to charge an outrageous amount of $$ on top of his little scam. Pro Tek was referred to me by some friends who had used them in the past. I was lucky enough to have the owner Jeff come out to my house. He also was right on time. He was there when he said he would be. He told me that all of this part of the Valley has termites and this was old damage. Nothing new. He did spray, he drilled holes and all the other things you have to do to keep creatures away from your dwelling. I also had 2 other buildings on my property and he did both of those as well. He was awesome and explained everything he was doing. They best part was the price. He was so reasonable ,a much better price than anyone else I had called. Then at the new house, we had him come out again...he was fabulous. We would diffidently call him in the future.

Teresa S. Yelp Review.

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